Monday, April 1, 2013

Darkness in the Mantra

I am soul searching tonight. I find it necessary the older I get to just find a center and add a mantra to it and then live by it! Here is my most recent personal mantra I'm working towards:

"I love to live and I live to love!" 

I derived this by going into the words of Bobby Dillon...

"If you ain't being busy being born, you're busy dying!" 

I find when I love to live or live to love, I am the most happiest! When the darkness creeps in and taints my life, it takes a long time to recover from it... With that, what I have figured out: Life is to short to do the wrong thing and live in the darkness... Self: So do the right thing and don't dwell in the darkness (the past). It will eat you alive! But it's hard.  Just because you don't dwell on it, that doesn't make it go away... It's just not wasting your time... well... as much. 

Relevantly... Adding the mantra to my my concentrated thoughts and living by it doesn't make the darkness go away. It just buries it where no one can see you hurting.  It gets covered.  But it's always there and waiting for you to let your guard down.  Unfortunately, it always creeps in when you're alone, when it's quiet and you can't make it go away... It creeps in and just hurts... But it can be hidden from everyone as well as yourself, in my mantra...

I love to live and I live to love and this makes all the difference. It does for me anyway. And then I'm not busy dying!  Thanks Bob!

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