Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Political Philosophy - Originally Posted on FB Feb 3, 2013


A friend and I was talking the other day and I was asked about my political affiliation. Interestingly enough I proudly said this (paraphrased): "I am a registered Republican that Voted mostly democratic over the last few major elections." Here, I wont say who exactly I voted for but I will say that a lot of Republicans who mark X straight down the ...Republican lines would freak out!

Rather than give you who I voted for and why, let me tell you what I do before EVERY election that I vote in:

1) Read the Declaration of Independence
2) Read the Constitution
3) Read the Bill of Civil Rights
4) Study the Current Republican, Democratic & Independent Ideology & Political Principles (believe it or not, these change but not much!)
5) Study All of the Candidates Ideology & Political Principles (believe it or not, these don't map up to the candidate's party ideology & political principles)

First off, I love the Republican Ideology & Political Principles. It was founded on "We the People..." will Free the People from our oppressors, who ever they may be as is outlines in the Constitution! (Abe Lincoln was the first Republican President) It was also developed purely out of the literal interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. It follows the lines of our Rights as citizens as described in the Bill of Rights.

I also am a staunch Conservative & Traditionalist (More than I am a Republican or Democrat)! I believe that the core of what we started with is what we should end with. I do not believe that the government should change to meet our society's changes but that our society should attain the standards that the government sets as we the people have requested. Change is inevitable but our morals and beliefs should not change!

From that core foundation is what I base my voting on. And let me just say this as far as the President goes... Outside of Executive Orders (which we all should pay attention to closely), the President only has limited power. We the people are represented by our Congressmen and our Senators. This is where we really need to be focusing when we vote. Nothing becomes anything until it gets through those two congregations! Then and only then can the president have power to make something that affects us citizen happen. And more times that any, unless it it vetoed, the approvals that the president makes has already been approved by a majority of the people that represent us, The People!

I think, and almost would be willing to bet some good money, if you go back and followed the 5 steps that I set out above with the people that you voted for over the last 1 or 2 elections, and followed your parties ideology and political principles, that you would have 1) voted differently and 2) be surprised to find out that a lot of the people that you thought were representing YOUR Ideology and Political Principles actually lean differently than the party they live in!

I love my country & I love our government laws and principles--This is "My United States of America!!!" Make it yours too!

I want to thank my friend for inspiring me to write this. 

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