Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love as a Metaphor - FB Entry Feb 13, 2013

Lance Griffith - Houston, TX

Lightening events of today and being 1 day away from Valentines Day made search the metaphor, "Falling in Love..." Matt Cunningham, a contemporary philosopher, says:

"Accordingly, most of society does not start the day with the intention ...of finding love... we sit back and wait for love to come to us"

In my life, every time its happened... I'm amazed when the "love train" pulls in the station and I'm happy when it does! A few times, even recently, I thought I heard the "love train" coming only to find out that it was actually a bus that was already full and another time that I was at the wrong station and could only hear it off in the distance. Hopefully the next time around, I am reading the train schedule correctly and that the engineer has the plans to pull into my station!

In my search tonight, I came across an article in by Richard Nordquist called "Love is a Metaphor - 99 Metaphors for Love" In the article, Richard has found so many great ways to picture Love in words. In this article I looked for my own picture through someone else's words. I loved what Neil Young had to say about a Rose (4), what Henry Ward Beecher described about young and old love (27), what Ralph Waldo Emerson says is the sharpest-sighted hunter (39) and as bluntly described in Wall Street by Gecko as an addiction that keeps people from jumping out of windows--this one is true but makes you laugh because it's true (71)

Look for your picture of love! I want to challenge you to find your picture of love because is so important to know what your goal in love really is. Look at these metaphors and find your own poem of love. Or better yet, make your own metaphor like I have!

For me, love is love! But I know, that every time it has come, is coming and will develop in the future, the poem changed, is changing and will changes... but really--my metaphor that I picture today is a train and what I can only describe by "what I am starting to see off in the distance is a train that seems to be pulling into my station and I really hope the switch on the track is thrown my way! If I don't find it this last time, I might take up walking next time I need to go somewhere and I hate to walk!" This one is true but it makes me cry because its my truth...

I love you all, and not metaphorically!

Happy Valentines Day!


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